Benefits Of Commercial Solar Energy Systems For Businesses

September 15, 2022


With the constantly fluctuating electricity prices, continuous rise in oil and gas prices, the major global economic crisis, and the ever-surging worldwide inflation rates, the future seems to hint at a lot of uncertainties for Canadian business. However, the subsidence of the Covid-19 virus acted as a light of hope and indicated forthcoming fiscal stability and optimism, the pandemic’s economic after-effects in the shape of economic fallouts and financial failures coupled with international conflicts hinted at new and perhaps more severe monetary challenges.

As a result, financial forecasting and budgeting have become more complicated and prone to errors than ever. Similarly, the uncertainties and fluctuations in electricity prices have worked hand in hand in further increasing operating costs for businesses. Since electricity and energy costs are significant items on a company’s statement of profit and loss, their adverse impacts cascaded down the balance sheet and, ultimately, the statement of cash flows of businesses. Thus, a rise in electricity prices is never good news for Canadian firms.

As Saskatchewan’s most highly reputed solar power contractors , we feel that it is our duty to do whatever it takes to relieve local businesses and the community from the financial burden of rising electricity expenditures. To this end, we believe that going solar is the best solution. Given the presently soaring overhead costs and their accompanying uncertainties, solar panel installation will bring a sense of resilience in terms of energy costs and will ease the financial constraint to a great extent.

We know many people are deterred by the initial capital outlay this installation requires. However, its subsequent life-long returns clearly outweigh the expenses.

Besides the financial benefits, this blog post will discuss the other perks solar panels offer businesses.

A Permanent Solution To The Frustrating Electricity Price Fluctuations

As implied earlier, electricity bills are a massive headache for businesses. Since businesses consume most of their energy during peak hours, their bills turn out to be a major overhead cost. The problem is that when companies try to reduce electricity consumption, the side effects such as reduced efficiency and lower productivity outweigh the cost savings. Apparently, firms have little room for savings on this component of their income statement.

Similarly, the ever-fluctuating costs of electricity further complicate the issue as accommodating these costs into their monthly budgets becomes difficult. As a result, accurately devoting financial resources to each expense in advance seems like a far-fetched dream.

However, with the installation of commercial solar panels , you, as a business owner, can easily gain the upper hand over these petrifying issues. Generating your own electricity will significantly reduce your energy bills. In fact, if you go for a large-scale grid-tied solar power system installation, you can use net metering to your advantage and sell your extra energy to the national grid.

Reputation As A Environmentally Conscious Business

Corporate social responsibility has become a sensitive topic in the business realm. The public often boycotts businesses that pay little attention to the well-being of the planet and its people.

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Installing commercial solar panels not only saves costs but also improves your image in society. It is a great way to showcase your environmental conservation efforts without even altering a word. Likewise, since solar panels are not as noisy as generators, you will stand out from the crowd of your competitors at whom the community lashes out with regard to noise pollution. All in all, you will become an example to others and gain a prestigious image.

Grants, Rebates, And Tax Exemptions

Greener energy is currently enjoying immense support from the federal government. In an attempt to reduce the industrial and commercial carbon footprint and wastage of non-renewable resources, the Canadian government has announced numerous rebates and grants for businesses and homeowners.

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In light of the soaring electricity prices and the available grants, we believe this is the best time for businesses to go solar.

Energy Independence And Renewability

Generating its own electricity reduces a business’s reliance on the national grid and makes it more independent. If you want, you can entirely sidestep the national grid and become completely independent in terms of energy by investing in storage batteries. And since the sun is a renewable source, you will not have to worry about exhausting it.

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Easy Installation And Bright Futuristic Prospects

Unlike the popular perception, commercial solar energy systems are quite easy to install and provide a good growth prospect. When planning a business expansion, electricity will form the tiniest part of your worries since you will know that the solution is as easy as installing some solar panels on a new building’s roof.

Effortless Maintenance

Likewise, commercial solar power systems require little to no maintenance. However, the latter is only valid if your solar panels are accurately installed by professional solar panel installers.

Improved Economic Ecosystem

Last but not least, our nation, in fact, our world, needs our economic support. You not only pay a company for installing solar panels but also help the workers who do the installation retain their jobs and feed their families. As more businesses around you follow your example and move towards solar energy, the increase in demand will create more jobs for local people. This lucrative growth will invite more investments into the realm and support the economy at a national and global level.

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