Top 3 Environmental Benefits Of Solar Energy

June 3, 2021

Top 3 Environmental Benefits Of Solar Energy

Many businesses and homeowners in Canada are “going green” by installing solar power systems in their offices and homes. This is due to the multitude of financial advantages solar systems offer. These advantages include solar rebates, low price installation incentives of solar energy systems, and low energy costs. Moreover, using solar panel systems for power generation on your roof makes you less dependent on the power grid and saves you hundreds of dollars each year in energy bills.

Apart from its financial benefits, solar energy has plenty of other advantages too. Solar power is rapidly being accepted by many as a green, renewable energy source. It is a sustainable, clean, and affordable solution for electricity generation by using energy from the sun. It also helps protect the earth’s environment through its various advantages as it is an infinite and renewable energy source compared to other fossil fuels like coal and natural gas that are non-renewable.

It is also a great alternative to traditional electricity generation achieved at the expense of burning limited fossil fuels. Solar energy helps to decrease your carbon footprint by reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. It is a readily available and free energy source with a favorable impact on our environment. A good reason to “go solar” is that it is a one-time investment further lessened by the state offering solar energy rebates paired with its numerous environmental benefits for a better and green future.

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Clean, Abundant Renewable Energy

Geographically, the most abundant and readily available energy source on earth is the solar energy from the sun. On the other hand, unlike solar energy, fossil fuels are a non-renewable and limited energy source. There is an extremely limited amount of gas and oil available for consumption globally, which will soon run out because more than half of it has already been exhausted.

However, the sun’s solar power can be indefinitely harnessed, especially in places that receive a significant amount of sunlight every day, such as Saskatchewan. Since solar system installation is a one-time investment, they will produce electricity once you have installed it on your office or homes’ roof for a very long time without producing any emissions.

Decreased Air Pollution

Instead of burning the already depleting fossil fuel reservoirs, electricity production using solar power should be preferred. This way, you can help reduce greenhouse gas or GHG emissions, like carbon dioxide (CO2). These GHGs are a major cause of climate change as it has caused a rise in global temperatures. Climate change is causing serious implications on various environmental and public health issues in the world. It is also responsible for hurricanes, flooding, extreme weather, ecosystem changes, and rising sea levels.

Switching to solar power systems can dramatically limit GHG emissions by reducing the use of fossil fuels, effectively minimizing your carbon footprint as well. It is an efficient and effective way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions due to its zero-emission electricity production after installation. Solar power can also counterbalance the entry of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by a considerable amount every year.

Decreased Water Pollution

For energy production, freshwater resources are being used excessively by traditional fossil fuel sources. Natural gas and coal-powered energy plants use large amounts of water to cool down the temperature of their generators and other equipment. Since solar power systems do not require water for its operation, it does not strain local water supplies. This leads to an effective decrease in overall water pollution.

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