Rebates, Grants & Incentives Available For Solar In Canada

June 24, 2021

Rebates, Grants & Incentives Available For Solar In Canada

Sundawg Solar is proud to be a part of the ever-growing solar power industry. Now, many incentives and rebates are being introduced to encourage people to choose this energy solution. As a result, many people worldwide have been opting for this energy source due to its energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, and money-saving advantages. The global renewable market is expected to reach an astounding rate of $1.057 trillion by 2026.

As a Canadian, you can benefit from the rebates and grants programs the government is offering in 2021. The purpose of these grants is to make Canada more eco-friendly and to encourage homeowners to opt for more energy-efficient and energy-renewable solutions.

Sundawg Solar Solutions

Sundawg offers solar power installation solutions in Saskatchewan. We offer a 25 year warranty on power production and a 10 year warranty on workmanship.

Our services include residential, commercial, and rural solar power installation along with off-grid solutions and energy audits.

With the easy payment plans and your partner in rebates and grants, you can make your home more eco friendly. If you’re interested in learning more about solar power options as well as grants and rebates available, feel free to give us a call for more information.

What Do These Grants Offer?

Over the course of the years, solar energy has thrived and provided amazing benefits to its users. Many owners have thought about whether there are any incentives or rebates for solar power.

The Canadian government is now offering rebates and grants to encourage the installation of solar power systems with the goal of driving down greenhouse gas emissions. Let’s take a look at some of the grants available for installing solar panels in Canada.

The Federal Government Grant Of $5,000

The Canadian government is launching a program that intends to provide Canadians with a grant of $5,000 upon installing solar panels. Homeowners will receive $5,000 on energy retrofits in their primary residence and $600 to help with the cost of home energy evaluations.

It will help around 700,000 homeowners in lowering their energy bills while helping to keep their homes more energy efficient. If you reside in Canada, you can apply for this program here. Furthermore, if you’re interested in solar power installation services, Sundawg Solar is your go-to for everything solar.

Home Renovation Tax Credit By Saskatchewan Government

You can claim a 10.5% tax credit on up to $20,000 in eligible home renovations. This tax credit is administered by Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) and includes the cost of expenses such as:

  • Labor Cost
  • Building Materials
  • Fixtures
  • Permits
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Other Professional Services

The renovations (including solar panel installation) must be incurred between October 1, 2020, to December 31, 2022. For more information on this grant, click here.

Green And Inclusive Community Buildings

Apply for 50% to 100% federal funding for your municipal, town, or community buildings with this grant program. It includes public access buildings such as arenas, public sports, recreational facilities, cultural buildings, community centers, etc. Applications are accepted for projects that have a budget from $3 million to $25 million.

The main aim of this program is to build and improve buildings with more energy efficiency, more resilience, low carbon, and high performance. This will encourage builders to opt for greener options and cut down pollution rates. For more information on this program, click here.

CCA – Capital Cost Allowance

The Income Tax Act and Income Tax Regulations strive to make it convenient for Canadian taxpayers to invest in clean energy generation and energy conservation projects. It also aims to make it convenient for businesses to acquire clean energy equipment. It also helps businesses make a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. For more information, click here.

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