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Saskatchewan’s Leading Solar Panel Installation Company

Reduce Your Reliance On Utilities By Producing Your Own Solar Energy

Sundawg Solar takes pride in providing our clients with exceptional services and the highest quality solar panels in the market. With the help of a solar company like Sundawg Solar, you can become independent from your utility company and produce your own energy.

A Sundawg solar system will assist you in better managing your energy needs and reducing your reliance on fossil fuels.

We have numerous solar options and plans in place to help you get started. We will help you determine what best suits your demands in terms of money and energy.

In Saskatchewan, we install solar panels on residential, commercial, and rural properties. Additionally, our team of experts has ample experience in maintaining pre-installed solar systems.


Residential Solar

At Sundawg Solar, we aim to help every household in Saskatchewan become sustainable and independent in terms of energy. With professionally installed residential solar panels, we will help you reduce your power bills as well as your carbon footprint.

Adding a solar power system to your home is a wise investment on multiple levels. Investing in quality solar panels installed by professionals will help create sustainable energy and lessen your dependency on the electrical grid for decades to come, all while adding value to your property.

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Commercial Solar

Installing solar panels on your commercial property offers several advantages. Our solar panel installations will not only help your operations become more cost-effective but also show your business partners and clients how much effort you have put into being sustainable.

Professionally installed commercial solar panels are ideal for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact while increasing their savings.

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Rural Solar

For farmers in Saskatchewan, agricultural solar power systems are quite beneficial. Our customers in rural areas are aware of the fact that installing solar power is a wise financial decision with several perks!

The cost of solar panel systems has decreased significantly as a result of developments in solar technology and the developing global industry. You might be surprised by how reasonably priced installing a solar power system on your farm can be, especially with all the rebates that are available.

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Off-Grid Solar

Do you need an off-grid solar power solution? At Sundawg Solar we provide cutting-edge off-grid solar system solutions to our clients. Our off-grid solar solutions make living more ecological and cost-effective for you and the planet.

To create an off-grid solar system for your cabin or isolated agricultural demands, Sundawg Solar offers a wide range of solar panel installation solutions. Now you can go solar the way you choose and take advantage of a grid-independent solar power system.

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Energy Audits

Net metering programs in Saskatchewan have undergone some changes from the original program. You need to be aware of a few crucial factors to maximize the ROI of a solar power system. For instance, it's crucial to be aware of how much electricity you use each day and at what times.

Sundawg Solar proudly provides homeowners with the chance to invest in their properties, simplify their lives, and save on their energy expenses while also identifying any energy issues with their solar panels through energy audits.

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