A Step-By-Step Explanation On How To Invest In Residential Solar Power

April 6, 2023


Solar energy has made enormous strides in recent years to become a mainstream source of renewable energy in many parts of the world. It is viable, dependable, and readily available. Regardless, many people are still hesitant to invest in solar energy. While the task may appear intimidating, it is not. Even if it were, the benefits vastly outweigh the initial hard work.

The first thing that you will need in order to invest in solar panels is a professional solar panel contractor. With a certified solar panel contractor on your side, the journey of investing in solar panel systems becomes easy.

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Before making any decisions, it is critical to conduct research and comprehend the fundamentals of solar investments. Then you can pick which solar investment option is right for you.

Here are the five things you should think about if you want to go solar.

Developing Goals

What do you hope to accomplish with your solar investment? Do you want to earn incentives, go entirely solar, or simply save money on your energy bills? Create a budget based on your ambitions and needs. The type of solar panels you buy will be determined by your budget. Once you understand your objectives, you can better choose which solar investment alternative is best for you.

Evaluate Energy Usage

To ensure that you make the best solar decisions, you should check your energy usage and other factors that may affect the effectiveness of a solar panel for your home, such as whether your house receives adequate sunlight and your access to a power line connection.

It is always a good idea to generate energy audits from solar panel professionals like Sundawg Solar to determine how much power your home may require. Sundawg Solar’s energy audits can help you decide on the quantity and type of solar investment that best fits your budget and future goals.

Obtaining Estimates

Before signing a contract or making a commitment, you should conduct some research and acquire and compare a few quotes from various certified solar panel contractors offering residential solar services.

Prior to providing a solar proposal, the solar contractor might conduct a solar assessment that includes a site visit to evaluate your roof, shading, and analysis of your energy usage to ensure that your property is suitable for solar panel installation.

After doing the onsite examination and gathering the relevant information, your installer will generate a price quote for the installation. The pricing quote is divided into several components. However, the main factors that will determine the cost of your solar installation are the solar system size required to meet your energy needs, your location including the climate and weather conditions, and the complexity of the installation which can be affected by your roof type and condition.

Choose A Financing Option

This will be crucial in selecting which solar investment option is best for you. There are options for people on a tight budget as well as those wishing to make a larger investment.

There are many federal grants offered by the government, such as the Canada Greener Home Initiative, which can help you cut down on the cost of solar panel installation.

A solar panel contractor, like Sundawg Solar, can also assist you in finding financing alternatives you could be eligible for. However, reaching out to friends, conducting your own research, browsing for online recommendations or contacting a variety of certified solar panel contractors is also a good idea.

Designing And Permitting

Once you have finalized your solar power system and all essential measurements have been collected, professional solar panel contractors will produce a fully customized plan tailored to your property. They will examine the number of panels and their placement, as well as where they should be mounted. It is critical to pick where you want to deploy your system.

This design will also include the entire wiring method, including how the system should be connected to the grid. After that, any permits required by local governments, such as municipal permits and approvals from utility firms such as electric utilities and/or telephone lines are obtained.

You will be able to use solar energy on your property after submitting your application to local permitting offices. However, a certified solar panel contractor can also assist you in such matters and can make the whole process easier.


Solar installation is a sensible investment that will result in energy savings and a more profitable home in the long run. Your solar providers will assist you in developing a customized system matched to your home’s needs so that you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy for many years to come.

The solar panel installer will conduct an internal assessment of your home to ensure that all components are entirely compatible with one another and can sustain the weight of a full-scale solar system placed there.

After the installation is finished and your system is operational, you can start reaping the benefits of having solar energy in your life.

Commissioning And Inspection

The inspection and commissioning phases of your solar system installation are two of the most critical aspects of the whole process. You’ve already taken the first step, so it’s time to double-check that everything is code compliant. Given how difficult it may be for you and your electrical suppliers to get on-site, expect this stage to take a little longer. However, after you’ve received the green light, it’s time to flip the switch and start saving money on your electricity bills!

Investing in solar will help you save money on your electric costs. However, you must be fully compliant and follow all required standards, permits, and regulations in order for the installation of your solar system to go well.

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