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Net metering programs in Saskatchewan have undergone some changes from the original program. To maximize your ROI from a Solar Power System, you must know of a few key variables. For example, knowing how much power you use per day and what time you are using it is important. This will help you get the best return on your investment.

At Sundawg Solar, we want you to make an informed choice on how solar energy can pay you back and save you money. For this reason, we offer business/home energy audits using devices that can track your power usage.

These devices are easily installed at your home or business. They track the power you use and the times you use it. Depending on the model and application, certain units can even tell when individual appliances are running.


Why Is An Energy Audit Important?

Energy audits provide in-depth information as to which devices are running and how much power is being consumed. Moreover, you’ll learn how much you can save before installing solar or any other renewable device at your home/business. How can you save with an energy audit? By installing a smart thermostat, changing light bulbs, installing smart plugs, insulating your home, and changing your windows to name just a few options.

In Saskatchewan, with our current net metering program, we only generate credits 1:1 at the point of use. So, when the sun is shining, and we are using all of the power produced during that time, the cost of power produced is equal to what the utility is charging. Any additional power your solar system generates is only generating credits at about 50% of what the utility charges. During the night, you would be using energy from the utility at 100% of the cost.

This makes sizing a system important if you are trying to get the best return on your investment. Ensuring that your system is sized correctly may make a huge difference in your power bill.

Having an audit done often makes for increased savings before going solar and can allow the end-user to install a smaller system and know exactly how much power they are using while the sun is shining.

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