Are Solar Panels Worth The Investment?

February 2, 2023


Green and sustainable energy has received a lot of attention in recent years. The government is actively promoting renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydrothermal energy.

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular, with more people looking to install solar panels on their homes. You can ascertain your future financial well-being by installing solar panels on your home, as the latter will drastically reduce your electricity costs.

As leading solar panel installers in Saskatchewan, we at Sundawg Solar are committed to making solar panels worth your investment.

Installing solar power systems can provide homeowners with several advantages, including decreased electricity bills, reduced carbon footprints, and increased home values.

In this blog post, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about solar panels.

Is Solar Energy Worth It?

To this question, we always say YES. Using solar panels has several advantages beyond just saving money on electricity. If you get your solar panels installed by reliable installers, they will be affordable, efficient, and a wise investment.

Be it residential solar panels, commercial, rural or off-grid, all variations of solar energy are standard investments.

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The Benefits Of Solar Panels And Why They Are Worthwhile

A solar panel system has several advantages that an individual can enjoy.

Increased Home Value

Solar panel systems can raise a home’s value, enhancing the return from a sale or enabling the homeowner to refinance with a slightly higher loan amount. Depending on the size of the system, the value gain may vary, but some experts believe that for every dollar saved on yearly electricity expenses, the home’s worth will rise by manifolds.

Lessening Of Price Fluctuation

Utility providers have a reputation for changing their prices. Additionally, because solar panel systems lessen a house’s reliance on the supply of the national grid, the homeowner will be less vulnerable to price changes. This reduced reliance on the grid and increased use of solar energy in its place will ensure that you get a fairer energy bill. In the end, you will be the least bothered by electricity price fluctuations.


Homes with solar panel systems are more resilient to natural catastrophes and power outages. For instance, if a storm were to knock out electricity to the grid, locals who do possess solar batteries could use the stored energy from their solar panels until the supply is restored. The batteries would then recharge as soon as the sun returns.

Low Upkeep And No Additional Fees

The cost of installing a solar system is a one-time expense that doesn’t require any additional expenses beyond standard maintenance costs. Solar panels are relatively inexpensive to maintain and require very little upkeep.

With proper maintenance, they frequently have a service life of 20 years or more, providing a fantastic solar power return on investment. Solar energy has a higher return on investment than other sustainable energy sources. It is one of the safest investment types due to its exceptional ROI and extended payback periods.

Long-Term Monetary Advantages

Solar energy systems are a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly long-term investment. With adequate maintenance, solar systems typically have a service life of more than 20 years. They enable you to lower your future electricity expenditures and are a clean, sustainable source of energy.

As rooftop solar delivers appealing paybacks with a payback period of 3-5 years, it is one of the safest investments.

When Are Solar Panels Most Advantageous?

Typically, solar panels are most advantageous if:

  • You own your property. Thus, anyone planning to put a solar system on a rental property or a commercial building that they do not own should first contact the owner.
  • You’re paying high prices for your electricity. In a world where inflation is at its peak, electricity prices are bound to be crippling. If you are struggling with your bills, then solar panels are your ultimate solution.

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