Things You Should Know About Energy Audits

July 16, 2021

Things You Should Know About Energy Audits

Knowing the amount of energy you use per month and annually can help you analyze your energy consumption patterns. This can help save excess energy that otherwise is wasted for no reason. This is essentially what an energy audit process does. An energy audit promotes your business’s growth, determines where you can save your money, and achieve the maximum return on your investment.

It also determines how much and what it is that consumes that energy. It aids in overhead reduction and improves cost savings that can be reallocated elsewhere in your business. Read this post to learn more about the energy audit process, who is allowed to perform it, and its benefits.

What Is An Energy Audit?

The process of determining the total energy requirement and its overall consumption by a particular facility is known as an energy audit. It helps estimate your daily energy needs and understand the factors responsible for consuming it the most. An energy audit is important and helpful in the business world. The ultimate goal of an audit is to find energy-efficient solutions while not impacting and having an adverse impact on business operations.

It suggests alternative methods for saving energy, such as installing energy-saver lights and fans. It also provides solutions to heating like installing an energy-efficient roof, doors, and windows to minimize heat inside. You can conduct an energy audit yourself, however, it will not provide accurate results. Therefore, we recommend hiring the energy audit services of a reputable company with relevant experience and skills in this field.

Who Should Perform An Energy Audit?

An energy audit is usually carried out by an external auditor from an unbiased company that provides this service. Such companies have a team of trained individuals who have the knowledge and experience of energy analyses. You must hire a contractor who has experience in this field. The main responsibilities of an energy auditor are to:

  • Identify energy-saving opportunities
  • Identify what benefits would the upgraded system bring
  • Identify which sources are consuming the most energy
  • Give you advice on up to date technologies for energy-saving
  • Give you an estimate of savings

Some Benefits Of Energy Audits

Identifies Problems In Your System

You can identify potential problems in your system through an energy audit. For example, it can help detect possible leaks in your air conditioning system that might be causing a spike in your bills by consuming more energy. Such issues, if not detected in time, can cost you a significant amount of money. Getting an energy audit done for your business helps you take prompt and necessary actions to minimize such energy waste.

Gives You Cost-Saving Opportunities

You might think that getting an energy audit done is not important, but it can be extremely beneficial for your business. You can learn about various energy-efficient alternatives and analyze ways to reduce the total cost of your energy consumption effectively. Your energy auditor will determine the areas where your energy is getting wasted and inform you about the energy-saving actions you must take. An energy audit also provides better ROI for your business.

Low Environmental Impact

High energy consumption means depending more on already depleting natural fuel resources. In addition to monetary loss, it negatively impacts the environment as well. Opting for environmentally friendly measures shows the public that your company cares about the environment. This will help to build relationships based on mutual trust with environmentally conscious people.

Increased Property Value

Going green and switching to energy-efficient solutions can increase your property’s value. Installing solar panel systems, LED lights with better energy consumption, and insulating windows and doors can significantly increase your home’s value.

At Sundawg Solar, we provide quality solar energy system installation in Saskatchewan. We can help your home, business, or farm become more sustainable and energy-efficient. Contact us for more information regarding our energy audits and other services.

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