How Do Storms Affect A Solar Panels Function?

September 8, 2022


Storms and hurricanes are one of nature’s wildest phenomena, especially when they whip around at 160 miles per hour. The winds can blow down trees, destroy your homes and throw debris around, causing major damage to your property. In such situations, the question that arises in one’s mind is how do solar panels survive in such hurricanes and storms?

You might think that the solar panels will break down and stop functioning during a major storm or hail. However, to your surprise, it turns out that solar panels are built to withstand high wind speed, and the impacts of hurricanes and other storms do nothing to them. Solar panels are made of high-quality material which is secularly attached to your rafters or grids and are able to stand in all weather conditions.

Nevertheless, all this is possible only when you have taken service from a professional solar panel company, and your solar panel contractor has installed your system correctly. All and all, the good news is that solar panels are much more reliable and durable than you may think.

There are different examples where solar panels remained in their position and worked during heavy hurricane conditions, such as Hurricane Sandy, which barreled towards the Jersey shore in 2012.

Similarly, Hurricane Maria also cost great damage to Puerto Rico in 2017. Those were the massive storms that slammed the island with winds exceeding 150 miles per hour. However, in spite of all this, some of the solar systems were left in operating conditions after the storm. If you still have questions about how solar panels are affected by a storm and hurricane, this blog post might be of help. We will mention how solar panels can withstand such stormy conditions.

Solar Panels Keep On Working When It Is Raining

Solar panels are designed in a way to keep different weather conditions in mind, and it is perfectly normal for them to receive rain and flooding. Solar panels are waterproof, and they are able to continue generating electricity even when it rains. At this point, it is important to understand that the production of electricity is subjective to the amount of sunlight. Solar panels are built to last, especially if they are good-quality solar panels.

On the other hand, one made up of cheap materials can be pretty flimsy. Many experiments have been conducted to check the durability of solar panels, like throwing hailstones at 262 miles per hour. Such solar panels were able to handle baseballs coming at 262 miles per hour-all without a single scratch. This means that solar panels are strong enough to handle the hail and hurricanes and continue working as normally as they do.

High Winds And Solar Panels

Many people might think that wind is another factor that may contribute to the damage of their solar panels. As solar panels are slightly lifted above the surface, many people think that uplift might be a concern. Although the uplift might add to the loosening of the screws in the structure over time, with the proper installation of high-quality solar panels, you won’t have to worry about uplift even in the case of extreme weather. Reputable solar panel contractors can help you secure your solar panels on your roof with all the wires safely stowed.

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What Should You Do After A Storm?

After a storm has passed, you may want to check and assess any damage to your solar panel. Avoid repairing or inspecting any damaged solar panels yourself as you might get an electric shock or damage the panel more.

You should also be careful about touching any loose or displaced panels or wires as they can still be energized and produce power at that moment. Moreover, to check the condition of your solar panels, you can take photographs of your solar panels over time to assess their condition.

Be Prepared

Keeping yourself prepared to protect your solar panels against storms and hurricanes is the best defense to help them last them for a long time. In such cases, regular inspection and maintenance are important, which can keep your solar panel system in good condition for years. You can hire a professional solar panel company that can assist you in your solar panel’s repair and maintenance before or after a storm.

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