Solar Panels And Windy Weather: What You Need To Know

June 16, 2022

Solar Panels And Windy Weather: What You Need To Know

Solar panels are quite beneficial for utilizing solar energy to generate electricity. They are made to last and can withstand every type of condition.

However, many people are confused about whether they can withstand high wind conditions, tornadoes, and hurricanes or not. In Canada, weather events like hurricanes can have speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, and tornadoes can even have higher speeds than hurricanes. Therefore, it might make one skeptical about the quality and capability of solar panels and make you question whether they will function in such a windy condition or not.

High winds are a huge concern for homeowners, especially those thinking of opting for solar panels. Modern solar panels are built using high-quality materials and are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions such as hail, sleet, snow, hurricanes, tornadoes, and rain. So, one question remains ‘how are solar panels affected by high winds?’ This blog post highlights all the details you need to know about the wind and solar panels.

Do Solar Panels Last In Windy Weather?

The answer is yes. However, you need to have high quality solar panels installed to bear the high-pressure winds and weight. Nowadays, solar panels have the better capability in standing windy conditions such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Moreover, it is not the solar panels that are the weakest link for wind resistance. In fact, wind damage usually occurs due to the weakness in the racking system or the roof on which the panels are affixed.

The wind passes through a small gap between the panels and the roof or between your panels and the ground in the case of a ground-mounted system. In such cases, it creates a large amount of uplift on the panels, which tears apart the panels from their mounts. In some cases, the solar panels can stay anchored down, but the uplift from the strong winds or the tornadoes can tear the sections of your roof off.

However, regardless of the brand style, shape, or material, solar panels can withstand pressure of up to 180 miles per hour or more, which is around 2400 pascals.

Therefore, the solar panel industry is becoming more resilient each year by creating solar panels with materials that can withstand more extreme weather conditions.

What Should You Do Before Windy Weather To Protect Your Solar Panels?

You cannot deny the importance of solar panels, and living in a windy area cannot stop you from installing one. Therefore, you should take some crucial steps before any storm arises in your area, so you know you are prepared for it. Continue reading the points mentioned below to determine how you should prepare before a hurricane or a tornado.

Make Sure There Are No Gaps

As we discussed earlier, a small gap between the panels and the roof can cause a large amount of uplift to the panels by damaging them completely. Therefore, you must ensure that the gap between the panels and the base is minimized.

Clean Up Any Debris Around Them

While you do not have complete control over cleaning the debris around your panels as storms can blow from far places to your area, you should be prepared for any damage this debris can bring. But if we look at a solar panels’ resistance capability, we can see that they have proven to be resistant to being impacted by wind-blown debris. Therefore, we can safely say that solar panels have little to no effect because of the blowing debris.

Check Warranty

In case of any damage that occurs, you should be able to refresh your solar panels with the help of the warranty that your company offers when purchasing solar panels. Also, review your insurance policy and ensure that the potential damages cost by these winds, flooding, roof leaks, and more are covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy.


Nowadays, solar panels available in the market are perfectly safe to use in windy or rainy conditions. However, you must take precautionary steps beforehand to avoid damages or costly repairs. Moreover, do not get on your roof after such an accident to have a quick look. You must hire a professional solar panel company to come and repair the issues.

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