Do Solar Panels Work At Night?

August 4, 2022


With every passing day, solar panels are becoming more and more popular among homeowners and business professionals. Due to their innumerable benefits, it has become impossible for homeowners to ignore them.

So if you are also planning to install solar panels on your rooftop but are confused about which solar system is best for your home, then just get a consultation from a certified solar panel company.

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Though there are many benefits of solar panels, there are also many myths and misconceptions that confuse people. So before you install solar panels, it is better to get rid of all your doubts and worries.

A common query that most people have is whether their solar panels will work at night or not? The simple answer is no. Solar panels don’t work at night.

This is because solar panels need sunlight to generate electricity, and there is no sunlight at night. Hence, they won’t work at night. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t get electricity at night if you install solar panels.

In most cases, people think that since solar panels don’t work at night, this means that they won’t get any electricity during the night time. There are solar systems that come with solar storage and battery backup that supply electricity during the night.

So if you install solar panels, it does not mean that you won’t get electricity at night. It just means that your solar panels won’t generate electricity at night but will supply you with electricity they have stored during the daytime.

In this blog post, we will talk about how solar panels supply electricity at night and are still a good investment.

Do They Produce Electricity At Night?

Since solar panels work off of sunlight, they won’t operate at their peak efficiency and will not generate electricity at night as there isn’t any sunlight for them to absorb.

Solar panels have photovoltaic cells that need sunlight to generate energy. Still, the solar panels work hard all day to make sure that you have enough electricity to power your home throughout the day, and they manage to store a sufficient amount of power for the night also.

Once the sun goes down, it is time to take advantage of all the excess energy that your solar system has generated during the day. This excessive energy is either stored in the solar batteries, or if you don’t have a battery, it is then sent back to the grid, and in its return, you can use electricity from your local grid at night.

So let’s take a closer look at both of these options:

Off-Grid Solar System

As the name suggests, with an off-grid solar system, you will cut all your ties with the national energy grid. Thus, you won’t receive any energy bills. An off-grid solar system comes with solar batteries that store all the solar energy.

The solar batteries allow you to use the electricity stored in them during the daytime at night when the solar panel electricity production is dormant. An off-grid solar system has made solar panels a sustainable source of energy around the clock.

So if you are planning to install an off-grid solar system, just make sure that you hire certified solar panel installers to do the job.


The majority of utility providers offer net meeting programs. Net metering is like a savings account. All the excess solar energy that you are not using is deposited into the grid, and in return, your local electricity provider offers solar credits or reimburses you.

So during the night time when your solar panels are not generating electricity, you can use the solar credits that you have accumulated during the daytime. Hence, net metering is another way through which you can use electricity at night.

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