Off-Grid Solar Panels In Saskatchewan

Do you need an off-grid solar power solution? At Sundawg Solar we provide cutting-edge off-grid solar system solutions to our clients. Our off-grid solar solutions make living more ecological and cost-effective for you and the planet.

Off-gridding a house or cottage can be a difficult undertaking, but we make it simple. Our off-grid solar options are specifically tailored to fulfill your requirements. We assemble, connect, and test every component required to run your off-grid system. Our engineers are experts in creating scalable systems that can be modified if your energy requirements change in the future.

What Exactly Does Grid-Tied And Off-Grid Mean?

The difference between grid-tied and off-grid solar is determined by where the energy generated is stored. Every system needs a location to store energy so that it may be used when needed. Since solar panels only create power during the day, you still need the means to switch on the lights at night.

The energy generated by grid-tied systems is fed into the electric grid. The solar panels provide power to the grid, which is then distributed to other people in your region. In exchange, you will earn credit for the energy you produce, which you can spend whenever you choose.

Off-grid systems are not the same. With no connection to the power grid, you must find another way to store your energy. You'll need to add a rechargeable battery to your system for this. Batteries are specialized energy storage devices that are required for off-grid solar systems that do not have access to power lines. We offer both lithium and lead/acid battery solutions for almost any type of off-grid system.


Application Scenarios

An off-grid PV system is a power generation method that is not linked to the electrical grid. To power your lights, TV, radio, and other necessities of life, off-grid systems are often employed in distant villages, agricultural communities, sea islands, plateaus, and deserts.

In places with access to wind and small-scale hydraulic power generation, combined power generation systems, such as wind and solar power generation, can be installed.

RV Solar Packages

Looking for solar panels to power your RV’s batteries during your weekend getaway?

Ask us about our customized RV packages. We provide the finest packages for your unique circumstances.

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