How Do Solar Panels Work On Cloudy Days?

June 9, 2022


In modern energy production, solar panel technology is one of the most important developments.

Due to its pollution-free energy production, it has become quite popular among homeowners and now the majority of homeowners have installed solar panels on their residential buildings.

So if you are also planning to install solar panels on your home rooftop then make sure to hire a certified residential solar panel installer.

Solar panels use the photovoltaic effect to convert the sunlight into clean, renewable energy and affordable electrical energy. But if something comes between the sunlight and solar panels then it will affect the production of electricity.

So when you are depending on the sunlight to power your whole house then you might worry about bad weather ruining your electricity production. Clouds for us may be nothing more than just a stray of water vapour but in the wrong place at the wrong time, these clouds can turn a sunny morning into a gloomy day and can affect electricity production.

In this blog post, we will talk about how solar panels work on cloudy days.

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Solar Panels Need Sunlight But Not As Much As You Think

Have you ever gotten a sunburn on a cloudy day? If yes, then you already know that it takes more than a few clouds to completely block the sun.

Sunlight gets through the clouds, it may not be as bright or as warm as direct sunlight but still, it’s there and that means your solar panels are getting sunlight even on partially cloudy days.

That being said, the clouds still have an impact on the electricity production of your solar panel system. But according to the EESI ( Environmental and Energy Study Institute), the solar cells can still operate at 80% even in partly cloudy weather.

Depending upon your electricity requirements and the number of solar panels you have, this occasional drop in energy output will not hurt you that much. And even if the clouds don’t vanish after some days there are still some ways to benefit from the clean power stored by your solar panels.

Storing Solar Energy For Cloudy Days

If cloudy skies have become persistent and are hampering your solar panel’s energy output then you have two options:

  • With the help of net metering, keep a connection with your utility grid and get power from the city utility lines when you need to.
  • Use a battery-based solar energy system.

These two options will make your solar energy system an all-weather solution.

What Is Net Metering?

Net metering is a billing agreement between solar customers and their utility companies. The specifics of net metering vary from utility company to company, but in simple words it allows you to send any excess electrical energy your solar panels produce to the grid in exchange for utility bill credit points.

You can use the net metering credits to draw electricity from your utility grid when your panels aren’t producing enough electricity due to cloudy weather.

Similarly, during the summer and spring months when the sun is shining and your panels are producing more electricity than you need, you can send that extra energy back to the utility grid and get credit points in return.

What Is Solar Storage?

Solar storage is a system in which the solar panels are integrated with a battery system. So when your solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, the unused electricity will charge the solar battery and then that stored energy can be used at night or on cloudy days.

So if you want to store your excess solar energy then you should get a solar storage system installed with your solar panels.

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