How Efficient Are Solar Panels For Residential Properties?

April 21, 2022


We all are aware that solar panels are becoming quite popular among homeowners and now more and more people are installing solar panels on their rooftop but what we don’t know is how efficient and effective these solar panels are.

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Solar energy is the most plentiful form of energy found on Earth but the question is whether it is the most efficient form of energy for powering residential homes or not?

The amount of energy solar panels can generate depends upon factors such as orientation, placement and weather conditions.

The performance of solar panels is dependent on the total amount of sunlight it can convert into electricity and its outcome determines the solar panel’s efficiency.

In order to test the efficiency of solar panels, they are tested at STC (standard test conditions).

The STC specifies a temperature that is equivalent to the temperature of a sunny day and then in these test conditions the amount of electricity the solar panels produce tells its efficiency.

Apart from STC, there are some other tests that are also used to determine the performance of solar panels in extreme conditions.

In this blog post, we will try to find out how efficient solar panels are to help you have a better understanding of solar panels.

How Efficient Are Solar Panels On Rooftops?

The concept of measuring solar panels efficiency is called efficiency metrics. Efficiency metrics measure how efficiently your solar panels produce energy.

Just like every other customer you want to know how much energy from the sun is converted into electricity by your solar panels.

The more efficient your solar panels are the more electricity they will produce and the more you will save on your utility bills.

The average efficiency of residential solar panels is about 15 to 22%. This is the amount of solar energy it converts into electricity.

For instance, if the sun produces 100% energy then the solar panels are able to process 15 to 22% of solar energy into electricity.

Another term that is used to measure solar panels efficiency is solar cell efficiency. This refers to the amount of sunlight that can be converted into electricity via photovoltaics.

The photovoltaic system uses solar panels to capture the sun’s photons and then convert those photons into electricity.

If your solar panels with a battery have 15 to 22% efficiency then it will be enough to power your whole house for a significant amount of time even after the sun goes down and during a power outage.

A solar panel system with a battery will be able to keep your home’s electricity running for a longer period of time after the sun goes down as it can store energy and can charge again the next day when the sun comes back up.

How Efficient Are Solar Panels During The Winter?

Solar panels are quite efficient in winter but they do not work well if they are covered in snow.

However, the heat produced by solar panels often melts the snow and gives your solar panels a yearly clean up from all the dust and debris that has been accumulated during the summer.

Most solar panels work exceptionally well during the winter as they are able to store the sunlight that is reflected off the snow.

Also keep in mind that your solar panels should be installed on a slope and should have their face up to the sun, this way they will be able to shed away the snow so make sure that you get them installed by a certified residential solar panel contractor.

In winter the electricity production will drop if the solar panels are covered in snow but this will not affect the yearly production rate of your solar panels.

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