Mistakes To Avoid During Solar Panel Installation

April 28, 2022

Mistakes To Avoid During Solar Panel Installation

More and more people are switching towards solar panel installations due to the tremendous benefits they offer. Apart from making a green impact on the environment, it also reduces your electricity bills and lasts for decades so that you are safe from the ever-rising prices of electricity.

Solar power is a thriving industry, and all of it has been made possible due to its longevity and durability. The growing concern of environmental degradation and global warming has forced people to switch to clean, renewable, and affordable energy resources.

However, investing in solar energy is a one-time cost that might be too great for some people. Therefore, during this time, it becomes necessary to find a perfect solar panel installation company to prevent certain hassles. There are so many factors to be considered during the installation process, such as roof structuring, maintenance problems, sunlight exposure, and more. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to hire a professional solar company that can do the job much more smoothly.

There are certain mistakes that must be avoided during solar panel installation. Continue reading this blog to know the common solar panel installation mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Thinking About The Price Only

Considering the cost over quality is a classic case of false economy. Poor quality doesn’t give you any budget-saving benefit. Rather you will have to pay later on by replacing the poorly installed solar components. Making a decision solely based on price is not a wise choice.

Therefore, you must ensure that your selected installation company is experienced and has a proven record of their work. It is better to receive multiple quotes from different companies. These multiple quotes can help ensure that you get the most suited solar panel installation company.

Not Including The Right Details In The Quotations

Many times people make the mistake of getting quotations but not including the right and necessary details in them. This brings up confusion later on, and ultimately, the customer has to pay more than what was initially decided. Therefore, your quotations must include the following information:

  • The type of the panels and inverter brand
  • A clear system design
  • Reviews of each inverter brand
  • Prices of different panels

Other than these, research on your own as to which important information you can include in your quotations.

Not Taking Advantage Of Incentives Provided By The Government

As solar is becoming a more preferred choice for environmental friendliness, the government is also offering different incentives, grants, and rebates to encourage people to opt for solar technology. You can always take advantage of these incentives and switch to solar power timely.

Designing The Solar Panels Wrongly

Another mistake that many people make while installing a solar system is that they wrongly design their system. The reason is that they neglect many critical factors such as inverter voltage settings, the output of the setup, and panel orientation. Other common design mistakes are as follows:

  • Installing your panels in the shade
  • Incorrect orientation of the panels
  • Not considering the structural makeup of your roof
  • Installing insufficient panels to activate your inverter

Hiring a professional commercial solar panel installer will prevent these mistakes as they have extensive knowledge of the system design and consider all the factors to make a solar system successful. Make sure to consider the factors mentioned above to avoid any problems with your solar systems design.

Unclear Warranties

Till now, you must know that all solar panels come with warranties. Some of them have performance warranties, while others offer product warranties. Inverters have a limited warranty of 5 to 10 years. Most solar panel installers will offer you warranties on top of the product warranties. However, you must clarify the information about the warranty before signing the contract.

Final Thoughts

All these mistakes can be avoided if you hire a professional company with experience in solar panel installation. They visit the site, analyze the area, and then suggest the best possible design and quotations that suit your requirements.

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