Top 3 Myths About Solar Panel Systems Busted

September 29, 2022


Due to the increased demand for electricity, energy rates have continued to increase, as a result it has become quite difficult for people to cope with their rising energy bills.

As we speak, people are looking for more energy-efficient ways to save energy and are trying to cut down their usage to control their energy bills.

Now more than ever, people are installing solar panel systems in order to get rid of their expensive grid electricity.

If you are looking to install solar panels on your property, make sure to hire a certified solar panel company. They will guide you and help you choose the perfect solar panel system for your residential or commercial building.

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Many people still find it challenging to switch to solar energy due to the common myths they often overhear about solar panel systems. Due to these myths, people think investing money into solar energy will not be fruitful.

Myth#1: They Are Too Expensive

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions that most people have about solar panels. Many people have formed the opinion that solar panels are way too expensive for them, and they can’t get one installed on their residential or commercial property.

But in reality, it is the other way around, yes, solar panels are costly, but they are an investment you can get back by saving on your energy bills. So the money you invest in solar panels will come back in the form of no energy bills.

Also, look at how many rebates are being offered by solar panel companies and provinces, you can use those rebates and get affordable solar panels installed on your rooftop.

You can even contact a certified solar panel company and get a quote for your solar systems; this way, you will know how much money you need in order to install a solar system.

Now that cost myths have been busted, you can freely contact a solar panel contractor and get solar panels installed on your residential or commercial buildings.

Myth#2: I Can Go Solar Only If I Live In A Hot Sunny Area

This is another common myth that most people believe to be true. Though solar panels create energy using the sun’s rays this does not necessarily mean that you need to live in the hottest or sunniest area to install them.

You can install solar panels in any area where there is sunlight. It does not matter whether it is the hottest or the coldest area; the only thing that matters is that there is enough sun for the solar panels to convert into electricity.

Myth#3: I Can’t Install Solar On A Rental Property

Currently, there is no rule prohibiting you from installing solar panels on a rental property. So you can install a solar panel system even on a rental property; as long as you are not damaging any part of the property, there will be no issue from the owner.

While installing a solar panel system on a rental property, make sure to hire a certified solar panel installer. They are experienced and skilled and will install solar panels on your rental property without causing any damage.

Many people believe it is a hassle to install solar panels on rental homes as moving solar in the event of shifting can be tricky. Although moving solar can indeed be tough, if you hire the right solar panel contractor, it will not be as frustrating.

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