Can You Install Solar Panels On A Flat Roof?

May 16, 2022

Can You Install Solar Panels On A Flat Roof?

A common question that haunts many flat roof building owners is, can they install solar panels or not?

The answer is yes; you can install solar panels on buildings with flat roofs with the help of a professional solar installer.

Mostly, large commercial buildings such as manufacturing facilities and warehouses have flat roofs, these commercial buildings use a lot of electricity. So an advantage of installing solar panels on such buildings is that the more solar electricity is used in these commercial buildings, the more money their owner can save with solar energy.

Hence if you own a commercial warehouse and want to save money on your electricity bills, hire a professional solar panel contractor and get solar panels installed on your flat roof.

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If you are looking to install solar panels on your roof, then keep on reading as we have assembled this blog for you with all the necessary information you will need for a successful solar panel installation process.

How To Add Solar Panels To Flat Roofs

The best way to install solar panels on your flat roof is by hiring a certified solar panel installer to do the job. But if you are still intrigued about learning the process of installing solar panels, keep on reading, and you will find the correct method of solar installation.

One of the most common ways of installing solar panels on a flat roof is the ballast mount method.

In this method, you don’t need any roof penetrations, and the solar panels are held in place with weights.

The certified provider of solar installation services lays a metal racking system on the flat roof, and then the solar panels are screwed onto the metal rack. After securing the solar panels on the metal racks, concrete blocks are placed on the racking system to fully secure them to the roof.

When designing your solar panel system, your solar installer will calculate how much these concrete blocks need to weigh to help keep your solar system safe, intact, and secure, even during the heaviest winds and storms.

The ballast mount system is often the preferred installation method for flat roofs because, in most cases, they do not require any roof penetration.

However, ballast-mounted solar panel systems are much heavier than other types because, in this method, concrete blocks are used to secure the solar panels to the roof. So make sure that your building can withstand the added weight as not all flat roof buildings are designed to do that.

If your building is not able to bear the weight, then your solar panel installer will have to first penetrate the roof and then install the solar panels on it. In most cases, a third-party proofing contractor is hired to do these penetrations.

Are Flat Roof Solar Systems As Efficient As Pitched Roof Solar Systems?

The solar panels installed on a flat roof can be just as efficient as solar panels on a sloped roof.

All solar panels work on one simple principle that is the more sunlight the panels get the more free electricity they produce. Nonetheless, the orientation and tilt of your solar panels play a major role in the system’s efficiency.

In a sloped roof, the orientation and tilt are fixed variables set by the roof itself. Whereas, on a flat roof, you can install your solar panels at the optimal orientation and tilt, which makes it a more efficient solar system.

Titling your solar panel can be beneficial beyond just efficiency. There are some solar panels that require at least a slight installation tilt for their warranty as water can puddle and cause issues if there is no tilt.

So with a flat roof, you can install your solar panels at an optimal tilt and orientation, which will increase their efficiency and warranty.

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