How Going Solar In Canada Is Now Easier Than Ever Before

December 15, 2022


With time, more and more people have become aware of the significance of adopting eco-friendly and sustainable practices to fight the effects of climate change. Using renewable energy sources such as residential solar panels is also one of these practices.

There are a wide range of grants, incentives, and tax breaks available from official authorities, such as the Government of Canada, to help people in installing solar systems on their residential and commercial properties with the help of professional solar panel contractors.

Keep reading to learn everything that you need to know about these incentives and the importance of utilizing them.

The Significance Of Going Solar

The official statistics from the Government of Canada show that 18% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in Canada come from buildings. As a result, the federal and provincial governments are working together to increase investment in energy efficiency projects and increase the number of green buildings present in Canada.

A lot of households, as well as businesses in Saskatchewan, are using solar energy systems as their primary or secondary sources of energy. With more incentives from the government, it is expected that this number will keep climbing in the future.

Major Incentives For Going Solar

A large number of incentives are available in Canada at the federal and provincial levels to support homeowners in going solar. These incentives play an integral role in minimizing the financial barrier involved in installing residential solar panels and solar energy systems.

The following are some of these major incentives and grants:

Greener Homes Initiative

The Greener Homes Initiative has the goal of helping Canadians in making their residential properties more energy efficient through interest-free financing options. The key features of the Greener Homes Initiative are:

  • You are eligible to get grants from as low as $125 to a maximum value of $5000. These grants are available for all eligible home retrofits.
  • Interest-free loans of an amount in the range of $5000 to $40000. The repayment duration of such loans is ten years.

Other than the homeowners, it is also possible for indigenous governments or organizations such as councils to benefit from this initiative.

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Interest-Free Loans

The Federal Government of Canada has allocated $40000 in their budget to provide interest-free loans to people who want to perform thorough retrofitting to make their property eco-friendly.

These retrofits include:

  • Installing solar panels to produce renewable solar energy.
  • Replacing low-efficiency systems with a high-efficiency furnace to prevent energy loss.
  • Installation of better insulation and roof panels.
  • Replacing old and damaged doors and windows that make your property energy inefficient.

Saskatchewan Net Metering Program

The net metering program of the Government of Saskatchewan is one of the best incentives you can find for going solar in Saskatchewan. The working of this program is quite simple.

Once you install residential solar panels with the help of professional solar panel contractors, you will be able to enjoy renewable solar energy on your property. The excess electricity produced by your solar panels will be sold to SaskPower.

In this way, you will get a credit on your energy bill for the electricity you sold. This helps you save a significant amount of money in the long run.

This net metering program is useful for individuals who are apprehensive about the initial cost of installing solar panels. Such programs ensure that once you invest in a good solar energy system, you are able to yield its benefits for a long period of time and save money on your energy bills.

Home Renovation Tax Credit

The Government of Saskatchewan offers the Home Renovation Tax Credit that provides a tax cut of up to $2,100 to homeowners. As the name suggests, this tax credit is limited to renovation.

This means that you can claim this tax credit if you renovate your house and install residential solar panels as part of your renovation procedures. It is easy to claim this tax credit as part of your annual tax return.

Some of the major eligible expenses for the Home Renovation Tax Credit are:

  • Renovating your doors and windows.
  • Installing a residential solar energy system to make the property energy efficient.
  • Roof renovation.
  • Repainting the house.
  • Buying and installing technical equipment like efficient heaters and other HVAC systems.

All of these incentives and grants prove the fact that going solar in Canada has never been easier and more accessible.

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