Clean Energy Program For Rural And Remote Communities

July 21, 2023

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When it comes to incentives and grants for installing renewable energy systems, such as solar panels, a lot of attention is paid to urban residential areas and commercial properties.

However, it is also important to consider the different programs available for rural and remote communities because, as of the 2021 census, 17.8% of the Canadian population lives in rural areas. This number is even higher in Saskatchewan, as 31.7% of the population is based in rural areas.

Therefore, the goal of this blog is to discuss the various aspects of the federal government’s program called Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities Program to determine how it can help you in going solar in rural areas with the help of a professional solar power company.

Overview Of Clean Energy For Rural And Remote Communities Program

As the name suggests, the Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities (CERRC) program is meant for rural, remote, and Indigenous communities all over Canada. The primary purpose of this program is to make it easier for rural communities to shift to renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, and minimize the use of fossil fuels for electricity and heating purposes.

The CERRC program provides funding to support renewable energy projects in rural and remote communities across Canada. This can include projects such as the installation of solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, or other types of renewable energy systems.

The government has also introduced this program to especially support Indigenous communities and provide them with energy security and better development opportunities.

The CERRC has funded 111 projects since 2017 and provided $217.8 million in funding to different types of renewable projects, such as the First Nations Power Authority of Saskatchewan.

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How Can It Help You?

If you are part of a rural, remote, or Indigenous community in Saskatchewan, you can benefit from the CERRC program. It can provide you with significant financial grants that you can use to install solar panels on your property and enjoy the numerous advantages of solar power.

The government has not given any specific date or deadline to apply for the CERRC, so you can apply whenever you want. Generally, you should apply for such grants and incentives with the help of professionals, such as an experienced solar power company, so you can maximize your chances of getting the required financial assistance.


In order to qualify for the CERRC Program, you must meet the following criteria:

Eligible Community: The program is meant for Indigenous, rural, and remote communities. Therefore the applicant must be a community, organization, or business that is located in a rural or remote area of Canada that is not connected to the North American electrical grid or is reliant on diesel fuel for electricity generation.

Specific Eligibility Requirements: Applicants for this program may be eligible if they are located in Canada and meet one of the following criteria: Is a member of a First Nations, Inuit, or MĂ©tis community;

Corporations and organizations focused on development projects; Canadian businesses; Canadian not-for-profit organizations; or Provincial, territorial, regional, or municipal government bodies.

The program supports projects in remote communities that are meant to minimize dependency on diesel for electricity and heat. Moreover, projects led by or partnered up with Indigenous communities will be given priority.


The Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities (CERRC) program in Canada provides funding for projects that support the development and implementation of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency measures in rural and remote communities.

The following are the types of projects the program funds:

  • Renewable Energy Technologies: Solar, wind, Hydropower, energy storage, and innovative technologies
  • Capacity Building: Training, skills and curriculum development, Energy coordinators, Energy literacy, Energy planning, Workshops, events and engagement, Research and feasibility studies
  • Energy Efficiency: Building upgrades and retrofits, Measures like LED lights and efficient equipment, Emerging technologies, Energy audits
  • Heat: Biomass heating, district heating, combined heat and power systems, Biomass supply chains, Geothermal, Solar thermal

Overall, the CERRC is a highly beneficial program for rural and remote communities across Canada. A professional solar power company like ours can help you install the best solar energy solutions at affordable rates by qualifying for such grants and incentives.

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