Rural Solar

Reliable Rural Solar Panel Installation For Farmers In Saskatchewan

Solar panels are an incredible source of sustainable and clean energy. Agricultural solar power is inevitably the next best investment for the farmers of Saskatchewan. Our rural customers entrust us with solar panel installation and know that they come with various benefits!


Power Usage

Rural customers usually require a larger unit of electricity to operate due to the nature of their work. Heavy types of machinery such as combined harvesters, barn ventilation, water pumps, deep freezing, and preservation of livestock can contribute to a higher electricity bill.

Farmers can save money by avoiding high electricity bills, reducing carbon emissions, and running their farms more efficiently.


Wide Open Spaces

The best news for rural sites? They have an abundance of land! This means that you can utilize as much land as possible to install solar panels. By choosing to use a ground mount system and positioning your farm’s solar panel in a way that it receives the most sunlight will maximize the productivity of your system (and give you a return on investment!)


Ground Mount

A ground mount system is a free standing solar array that is mounted to the ground. When installed in open wide spaces, it can be used to lower electricity and fossil fuel usage and as a solar carport or canopy. It is also easily expandable and installable, potentially safer and you can recoup your investment faster.

Solid Long-Term Investment

A typical solar system can see annualized returns of 5-10% when compared directly to investment.



Solar panels now have the ability to provide you with massive savings towards your energy bills (if not completely decreased altogether) and have an even lower maintenance cost. With the advancement in technology, it may surprise you how affordable a solar power system can prove to be for your farm or acreage.

Sundawg Solar has a team of experts with the right skills and means to make this happen for you! We are the specialists you need to install efficient and sustainable solar panels for the agriculture sector of Saskatchewan.

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