4 Grants And Incentives For Businesses To Go Solar

December 8, 2022


Saskatchewan has the highest number of sunny days compared to other provinces in Canada. As a result, it is the perfect region to install solar panels and reap the benefits of solar energy. By relying on solar power contractors, you can ensure that you take full advantage of this energy source.

Nevertheless, a lot of people have concerns about the cost of solar panel installation in Saskatchewan. The cost of installing solar panels can be managed to a great extent by relying on the different grants and incentives offered by the federal and provincial governments of Canada.

Incentives are available for both residential and commercial buildings. Keep reading to learn about the top 3 grants and incentives you can get for your business in Saskatchewan to go solar.

1. Climate Action Incentive Fund (CAIF)

The Climate Action Incentive Fund (CAIF) is a fund under the federal government of Canada. It is a part of a larger framework called the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change that has promised to contribute up to $218M towards clean energy and sustainable development.

CAIF is available in different provinces of Canada, such as Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and New Brunswick. The funding available under CAIF is meant to fund projects and businesses that focus on decreasing energy usage, increasing the adoption of eco-friendly energy sources such as solar panels, and ultimately reducing carbon pollution.

Small and medium-sized businesses, including farmers, in Saskatchewan, can greatly benefit from the CAIF to get significant incentives. The working of the CAIF fund is quite simple: it will provide you with a refund of up to 25% on all green energy-related equipment, such as solar panels.

In other words, the support from the CAIF incentives can range anywhere between $20,000 to $250,000 per project. Businesses that rely on professional solar installation in Saskatchewan can easily get this incentive, as renewable energy production, especially solar energy, is a significant part of CAIF.

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2. Solar Or Wind-powered Water Pump Grant For Farms

This is a grant available for farms by SaskPower. It provides the perfect opportunity for farms to incorporate solar and wind-powered equipment in a safe and cost-effective manner so that eco-friendly practices are adopted throughout the farm.

Under the solar or wind-powered water pump grant for farms, SaskPower is offering a grant of up to 50% of costs greater than $500. The cost can be spent on buying and installing solar panels in Saskatchewan.

Businesses involved in the agriculture sector and livestock farms can greatly benefit from this grant to ensure sustainability.

3. Small Power Producers Program

As the name suggests, the Small Power Producers Program deals with energy generation. It is meant for residential properties as well as small businesses that want to generate up to 100 kilowatts of electricity.

The amount of energy generated is used to offset the power that is to be bought from SaskPower. If the energy production is greater than the electricity being used by the property, it can be sold to SaskPower as well. It all depends on the kind of solar panel installation services in Saskatchewan you have hired.

According to SaskPower, the amount of money you can get by selling electricity is quite significant, but it will be decided as per the specific contract you sign with the company. SaskPower’s regulations make sure that all signed agreements are honoured, even if the Small Power Producers Program is discontinued in the future.

4. Net Metering Program And Rebate

The Net Metering Program is one of the most popular incentives in Saskatchewan. It offers a one-time rebate of about 20% of the eligible costs up to $20,000. This incentive is available for the approved and grid-interconnected net metering project. SaskPower and Saskatoon Light & Power are the two major companies using the net metering project to facilitate businesses in going solar.

Importance Of Grants And Incentives

Ultimately, all of the grants and incentives available for residential and commercial properties play an integral role in promoting eco-friendly and renewable energy sources. Solar panel installation in Saskatchewan becomes easier and more affordable with such incentives. As a result, businesses are able to focus on other core business activities while also benefiting from renewable solar energy.

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