What You Need To Know About Fire And Solar Panels

October 6, 2022


According to a report by the Canadian Renewable Energy Association, over 48,000 solar panel systems have been installed across Canada. But more and more people are growing concerned about fire safety and are wondering whether their panels could be at risk.

However, if your panels are installed properly, solar panel fires are quite uncommon. Nevertheless, it never costs to educate yourself on the subject to protect yourself, your friends and family, your home, and the ecosystem.

As Saskatchewan’s most reputable and recognized solar panel installers, we feel it is our responsibility to educate people about the safety hazards. Here is our overview of the facts you need to know.

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What Causes A Fire, And Can Solar Panels Trigger It?

Several things might cause your panels to catch fire, such as lightning, voltage spikes, defective components, and faulty installation. All of these elements may result in hot spots in your system, which may start a fire. More specifically, they could cause arcs between the energy conductors of your system and the ground.

So, do solar panels pose a fire risk? Yes, technically. However, they are not nearly as prevalent as other residential fire threats. It is well acknowledged that solar panels include live wires, which continually convey energy and should not be interfered with. The same holds for any electrical appliance that is attached to a power source or plugged into a network.

How To Prevent Solar Panel Fires

The following tips can help you stop your solar panels from catching fire:

Get Reliable Solar Products

Quality matters when purchasing almost anything, but it’s crucial when purchasing solar panels and other solar-related equipment. Consider it like this: Why not make the finest investment possible for a residential solar panel system that you will have for many years to come?

In the long run, you’ll even end up saving money by avoiding the need for maintenance, repairs, or replacements once your warranty has expired. Low-quality solar panels are more likely to fail and start fires than high-quality ones.

This is due to the superior design of premium panels, which are free of combustible mounting methods and frames.

Maintain Your Equipment

Maintenance is crucial for every technology or home improvement gadget. Since solar panels are electronic systems, they unquestionably need routine maintenance to maintain good performance levels.

Your system doesn’t need to be disassembled for maintenance. However, keeping your panels clean will help them continue to work at their best. Additionally, keep an eye out for holes or frays in the cabling caused by vermin or bugs. One of the main concerns about solar panel fires is faulty wiring.

However, this does not imply that you should climb onto your rooftop and look around. Call your solar provider and request that a service specialist comes out and assess your system. This service is often included as part of your service contract.

Avoid DIY Installation

It may be enticing to install a solar system yourself, maybe due to pricing. However, if you’re not qualified, this is never a smart idea. Installation charges are often included in the final purchase price by solar suppliers.

Not only is it dangerous to install your solar panels, but it may also be stressful and leave you unsure of how your system is configured. There is a greater risk of fire if something is improperly linked.

To install your panels, you should always count on your solar provider or a licensed service specialist. Solar systems are complicated. Due to their intricacy, they should only be installed by certified engineers and solar installation experts. Using specialists will protect you from liability.

Go For A Reputable Solar Installer

The installation of solar panels should always be left in the hands of your solar company or a reputable service technician. It’s one of the best strategies to lower your chance of a solar panel fire. To reduce the danger of fire and other hazards, specialists provide prompt and accurate solar installation at your residence or workplace.

It is critical to research to learn about a company’s reputation and the number of years of experience it has had. However, you should also take a close look at its technical staff and confirm that the company possesses the necessary permits for solar installations.

About Sundawg Solar

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